The Muslim Safety Forum as a Charitable Organization

Following the 7/7 radical extremist occurrence in London, Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate offense rose further within Britain. These developments prompted the Muslim Safety Forum to remodel its operations into a charitable outfit. The outcome of this transformation was the growth of this body into one of the primary Islamic agencies partnering with law enforcement agencies, state institutions, and grass root groups to deal with challenges connected to policing, the effect of anti-terrorism laws, and anti-Muslim hate crimes in the United Kingdom.

The growing influence of the Muslim Safety Forum saw the signing of a pact between the organization and the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair, in December 2006. In this pact, it was agreed that the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police will acknowledge this organization as the primary agency in connection with pushing the agenda of the safety of the Muslim community in the UK.

Based on this covenant, Sir Ian Blair or his assistant was expected to convene with officials from the Muslim Safety Forum at least twice annually and organize monthly summits at the improved New Scotland Yard or any other appropriate locations. Furthermore, the Metropolitan police heads counting comprising counter-terrorism commanders were expected to grace the Muslim Safety Forum’s internal seminars whenever convenient. Essentially, this agreement was to ensure that the Metropolitan Police utilize this organization as an advice-giving partner to assist in policy development as well as inform law enforcement practices.